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Landscape Lighting

Enjoying your garden at night is a magical experience.  A properly designed landscape lighting scheme will enhance your outdoor living space. Softly lit paths and landscape plantings lend a warm inviting outdoor experience. While entertaining your guests on the back lanai around the pool or enjoying a stroll through your Japanese Garden, a well lit landscape extends your outdoor hours.

Professional Grade Landscape Lighting

We use professional low voltage LED lighting fixtures rated for 30,000 Hours of Lamp Life at a bright 800 Lumen for uplifting structures and trees.  Garden path lighting, outdoor entertainment spaces and accent lighting also use  lower output LED bulbs with a softer warm glow.  Most Fixtures are made of Brass and the housing is a durable weather proof design that will provide years of trouble free run time and lower lifetime maintenance requirements. See our pricing for professional outdoor landscape lighting by clicking here.

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