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Green Malayan Coconut Palm Tree

Green Malayan Coconut Palm Tree

Veitchia Cocos Nucifera 'Green Malayan'
Tree Size: Field Grown Over all height is 16-20ft. 4-6 ft. Gray wood

Total Cost including Installation $1,950.

Wholesale Price: $450* (retail is normally $650)
Labor, Delivery, Equipment, Supplies (planting soil, mulch, etc.): $1500

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*Removal of Existing Trees is a Separate Charge.

*The current pricing is good for locations free and clear of underground obstacles like roots, stumps, rock, lines and pipes.

We do not sell trees individually. Installation only.

* Wholesale prices for trees may vary.  Please contact us for a firm quote. You can also call or text Herb (the owner) 239-287-7269

Green Malayan Coconut Palm Tree Information

Coconut palms are renowned for their ability to withstand drought and elevated saline conditions but only after they are well established. If exposed to salty conditions during the establishment phase, be it the foliage or the root system, the palm will more than likely decline rapidly.

A Green Malayan will begin to fruit at approximately 2’-3’ of gray wood where as the Maypan will not produce until it reaches approximately 6’-8’ gw. Coconut palms are a low maintenance palm in that they are self pruning. When a frond dies it will fall from the tree without additional labor.

Contrary to popular belief, the term dwarf does not refer to the overall, mature size that one of these trees will achieve or a slower growth rate but rather to the size at which the tree will start to produce fruit (coconuts).


The cost of planting  on your property may vary.  We only charge you the wholesale nursery price of the plants.  The Pricing includes the plant, cost of delivery, and cost of labor to install the plant.  Availability and pricing are subject to change.  All plants are purchased and delivered in pristine condition fresh from local south Florida Growers. Our plants are pest and disease free.  Regular hand watering or single tree emitter irrigation are required to keep your plants alive for the first year.

Lawn Irrigation and rainfall will not be sufficient for watering.  Your palm trees will require fertilization to maintain healthy growth.

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