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About Us

Naples Garden Landscaping LLC is a landscape design and installation company. Maximizing your outdoor enjoyment is our top priority.

We have over 20+ years in the professional landscaping industry.

About the Owner

The owner Herb Techmer has built outdoor gardens and entertainment spaces for clients in the Hudson Valley region of up-state New York for 12 years.  He also owned a landscape construction business based in Columbus, OH for 10 years. Herb earned a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from The Ohio State University in 2001. He personally supervises and helps install all projects.  The detail and quality of work are a top priority in every landscape installation.

Our Southwest Florida Operation

What we offer to our local Southwest Florida clients. Our experience, an eye for design and knowledge of local horticultural best practices.   The best part about Southwest Florida is the year round growing season.  You can have beautiful tropical plants & flowers growing in your garden and landscaping all year round.


herb techmer

Over 20 years ago (1997) Herb Techmer, his father Horst and friend Dietrich lined an entry with Red Oak trees leading to the Culinarian's Retirement Home in New Paltz, NY. Herb is operating the blue tractor on left. Horst Techmer was taking the photo.

20 years later you can still see these beautiful trees growing right off of route 32 north of New Paltz, NY. Photo taken in October 2017.

Turn Your Poolside & Lanai into a Tropical Oasis

Enjoy the beauty of live plants, stone & water.

Turn Your Poolside & Lanai into a Tropical Oasis

Enjoy the beauty of live plants, stone & water.

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